RSS Feeds – Update

Well, here is my strategy for cleaning out my RSS feeds. I started pretty much at the top of the never ending list and opened it, looked at some of the posts, tried to remember the last time I read the blog and then either kept by putting in a category or unsubscribed. All the […]

The Inbox – Update 1

So, hows it going? I have eliminated a ton of random emails I don’t need. A whole page worth, and it still isn’t done. I never knew how many random emails I got from stores I purchased from and newsletters that seemed like a good idea at the time to sign up for.  I still […]

January Challenge

So in my quest to reduce stress and get my life in order, the January Challenge is to get all my electronic files in order.  Think email, RSS feeds, file structures on my computer, etc. etc. etc.  I’m sure you have your own “hot spots” and horrible spaces on your computer.