Sunday is one of my “power” work days for things around the home.

As I’m not Christian, Sunday does not have a special place in my heart as a day of worship.  My day of rest is Saturday.  Saturday is the dayI have set aside for me time.  Time to read my scriptures, time to relax in my thoughts.  I have tried hard to get motivated to do things on a Saturday like everyone else around here, but I just cant.

In the past I used to get all anxious about it.  But now that I’ve gotten older and have gotten over many of those things, I just am content to be me.

So Sunday, my work day. I try to do lots and lots around the house, but lately the Procrastinator has been visiting my house and I haven’t been motivated to do anything.  So today will be a 30/30 day.  So I try to work for 30 minutes and then take 30 minutes to do anything else.  I’ll be posting updates on twitter with hashtag #3030Sunday to keep myself accountable.  Let’s see how it goes.

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