RSS Feeds – Update

Well, here is my strategy for cleaning out my RSS feeds.

I started pretty much at the top of the never ending list and opened it, looked at some of the posts, tried to remember the last time I read the blog and then either kept by putting in a category or unsubscribed.

All the blogs that I had were good blogs, but they weren’t meeting my needs right now. I mean, how often do I really need to read about Russian Strategic Forces (yes there is a blog that follows that).  So while I don’t need this blog, and quite frankly I have no idea why I subscribed to this in the first place,  I know that if I’m looking for that information again, the blog will come up again in a web search and I can resubscribe!

So I ended up with the categories…

  • Home
  • Comics
  • Paranormal
  • Prepping
  • Spirituality
  • Planners (I love planners)
  • Friends Blogs
  • Work

So I’m hoping these will serve all my needs.  Some categories only have a couple of feeds in them (e.g. Paranormal or Planners), some have dozens (like Home or Prepping) and that is ok.

I went from over 200 feeds to now to a manageable 75.  Most don’t publish every day and the number of posts a day are manageable and are of the blogs I love to read and can’t get enough of for whatever reason.

Take the lead and get your RSS feeds undercontrol.  Organize and use a reader of your choice, I like Feedly as I mentioned in the last post but I know there are several other good options out there.


*Disclaimer, I am not a rep of Feedly.  I just like their product.  Plus, their basic version is free and meets my needs.

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