Only If……

So today’s theme was Only If.  Today I have been doing a lot of thinking.  Much of what went through my head was “only if I….. then …..”  “only if this were better ….. then …..”.  Over and over.  Only if I had more time, Only if they would call me, ONLY IF ONLY IF ONLY IF.

Only If doesn’t get things finished, only if doesn’t propel me to my life goals, only if, only if, only if.


Well the buck stops today on this only if stuff.  Now I’ve said it, now I’ve documented it, now to execute this.  ::fist pump::


Today i finished some paperwork that I have been putting off for 2 months now.  I only have 90 days to complete it since it is for travel insurance reimbursement from a long delay from my last vacation.  I knew it would take maybe 30 minutes to complete, but i kept putting it off.  Only if I had time, only if I had all the paperwork right here on my desk, only if only if only if.  I just sat down, and just got each piece of documentation as it asked for it or told me to include on my claim.  30 minutes later I was done, even with getting up and looking for things elsewhere.


I can do this!

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