January Challenge – The Inbox 1

Oh inbox, the bane of my online existence.

Does your inbox look something like this? (blurry on purpose)


mailbox for blog

Lots of random junk that you just delete without reading most the time?  Tons of not really spam but nothing you want to read all the time?  You know the stuff I’m talking about. The latest sale from your favorite store. Updates from blogs you don’t get around to reading, the meetup group latest outing you don’t have time for.  Or the latest FlyLady reminder.

Well, in todays busy world having to go through emails is the last thing on my mind and, quite frankly, eats away too much precious time, so my Task #1 for the new year is clean up my inbox.

It is likely that I will need to revisit this every week throughout the month of January.  This is because there is those pesky sites that say “7-10 days for it to go into effect” or they just don’t unsubscribe you.  Plus, because I have so many random emails sometimes, I don’t want to over work myself and try to do it all at once.

In the past when i try to do large tasks all at once, I have gotten discouraged and then quit never to return.  We’ve all been there, we’ve all done that.

By now you’re probably asking, what is my method. So…..

  1. go into your inbox, or any other email folder really
  2. start at the top (newest or oldest – doesn’t matter)
  3. open up the email whatever it is
  4. decide do I really read this type of email often or can I do without.  If you haven’t shopped at a place in more than 6 months you can probably do without.
  5. Keep or hit unsubscribe and go through their unsubscribe process
  6. if true spam (you know what they are) then hit spam if your e-mail provider has a spam filter option.  If it does, use it to your advantage!
  7. lather, rinse, repeat until all erroneous email is gone from your inbox for good.

With a few sessions we should all have squeeky clean and less time consuming email inboxes.  Added bonus, you’ll never miss an important email or a dear friends email again – no more buried emails!



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One thought on “January Challenge – The Inbox

  • Betty Carlson

    I have two active personal addresses and both of them are a mess. I use the category function on Gmail, which filters out of a lot of stuff, but it just piles up there….

    However, the real bane of my existence is my work email, and there is no quick fix for that!