January Challenge – RSS Feeds

Now that my inbox is under control – not perfect -but under control. I’m moving on to my RSS reader. I’ve used Feedly since Google got rid of their Reader (a sad sad day in my house) and I add blogs all the time.  Every blog that I have in my Feed is good blog for their intended purpose.  I just have too many of them now.  If i tried to read every blog post I would not do anything else during the day.  Seriously, I have that many.  Couple that with the notion that I feel that I have to read everything in my feed, its a disaster.  So, purging.  Must purge. Must organize.

Most of my rss feeds are in no order, so I have comics next to work related blogs next to home improvement next to prepping.  This has to change.  Its hard to find things when I’m in the mood to read something specific.  Some days its home improvement, some mornings it’s comics, some afternoons it’s paranormal.  But with the “organization scheme” I have now gives frustration and wastes precious time.  In a world where I want to do so many things, every minute counts.


* Disclaimer: I am not a rep or affiliated with Feedly or Google in any way, I just like their products.

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