January Challenge – New Computer 1

Well, I’ve needed a new computer for a while, and I finally broke down and bought a new iMac, 24 inch.  She is a beauty. It was delivered a bit before Christmas, however, I have not actually taken the time to get all my files ported over.  I know, I’m a slacker.  It also shows me how much I was actually using all of the other stuff on the computer.  You see, I only had that tiny tiny laptop, while I love my MacAir, it wasn’t cutting it for actual use because of its size (great for travel though) and the small solid state hard drive.  60 gigs isn’t enough when like 20 of that is taken up by the operating system.
The only thing I have ported over is my financial stuff.  That is so important to keep track of and I feel lost without being able to look at my balance sheets and see exactly where I am.  But other than that, nothing.
So now that my email is more under control, my RSS feeds are manageable, the next thing, put my computer files in order.  Folders are your friend.  The trash bin is your friend.   Do I really need 3 copies of the same file because I downloaded it that many times?  Nope, out goes 2.
I’m guessing this will take a while…… I got a lot of stuff

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One thought on “January Challenge – New Computer

  • Betty Carlson

    I have several computers — if you count my tablet, my phone, my laptop, my home computer, my smaller laptop and my work computer, that would make SIX! I don’t think I can even begin to pretend to organize all of that correctly. Good luck for you!